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Interactive Life Coach
Yearly Fee is $297.00
This includes your first 12 months of using the software and free one-on-one telephone training with an Interactive Life Coach Consultant.
Free 15 Day Trial lets you:
  • Input your own information confidentially.
  • Test drive the software completely for 15 days at no cost to you.
  • Cancel at any time before the 15 day trial period expires and there will be no financial obligation. Once the 15 day free trial is complete, the year membership is non-refundable.
Discover Your Passions. Plan Your Life. Reach Your Dreams.
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Interactive Life Coach™ is ready to collect all of your goals, ideas, and dreams into one, easy-to-access place.
  • Get support for creating fulfillment in every aspect of your life,
    including: your career, business, relationships, finances, health and personal fun!
  • Create the life you want with our Virtual Big Picture Vision Board
  • Sync your goals and commitments with your Outlook or iCal
  • Explore your hidden talents and release creative roadblocks
  • Stay focused on your goals and track your progress
  • Get clarity and set your Financial Goals for your Life and your Business
  • Manage your projects easily
  • Get daily Motivation and Inspiration!
  • No more overwhelm, procrastination or disorganization.

Then, access it all anytime from your computer, phone, or the web!

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