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  • Productive to get your work done
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The Interactive Life Coach is a completely unique web-based software program that will not only keep you on track to reach your goals, but it helps you to have lots more fun and excitement at the same time!

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Testimonials from our users... It works for these people!

Allison's book, Blast Off!, and Interactive Life Coach software program should never leave your sight!

It contains a clear path for living your dream and getting more out of life. Here is your chance to stop dreaming about it once and for all and start making something great happen in your life and work. These are your desktop and bedside table companions for life!
Mark LeBlanc, Author and Speaker, Growing Your Business and Never Be The Same,
National Speakers Association/Recent President
The Interactive Life Coach software is a real value-add for my coaching clients and for me.

I bundle it with my Success Personified Coaching Program to offer an additional dimension to the coaching services I provide. My clients especially enjoy the Sun-up Scripts feature which helps instill a daily ritual of recording the thoughts they wake up with and reframing them in a positive way. I am able to monitor their progress on the Sun-up Scripts as well as their Big Picture Vision and day-to-day accomplishments. The added perspective that monitoring brings enables me to assist my clients in making the major shifts they crave for their careers and lives.
Merideth Mehlberg, Career Strategist and Life Coach / Merideth Mehlberg International LLC
I've really benefited from utilizing the on-line Interactive Life Coach program.

First, it has helped me clarify what I want to achieve, particularly in the area of wealth. It has also helped me focus my energy and stop procrastinating. I've learned that by taking small steps on a regular basis I can achieve big things. I used to think that I needed to set large amounts of time aside to get important projects done. With a big family and a demanding career, that wasn't usually an option. As a result, I rarely got the things done that would move me forward. The system is very easy to use and I really look forward to starting my day working with the program. Just by inputting my Big Picture Visions, they are already becoming a reality!
Mary Wheeler, Chief Administrative Officer, Wheeler Frost Associates
I love the system!

It's a great place to capture ideas for new action steps and assign them deadlines for completion. This tool has helped me plot and maintain progress on many projects. It works for me because it's flexible: I can reorganize my priorities and jump from the details to the big picture without skipping a beat.
Stephanie Gunning, Author, Editor, and Co-Founder of Lincoln Square Books
If I can do this program anyone can do it!

It is easy, fast, and it makes sense. Interactive Life Coach makes goal setting and planning fun instead of being a chore. I have been able to map out my yearly and monthly goals with my Mile Steps, and daily goals with my Mini Feats. My wife tells me she has never seen me so organized and motivated!
Mike Rees, MFC Workstations / CEO
Interactive Life Coach is a one-of-kind motivational/ life planning/ success software that not only helps you to get total clarity on your dreams and goals, it also help you break them down into workable steps.

We think nothing about buying all sorts of video and computer games as gifts that don't really give us anything back of permanent value. Interactive Life Coach has all the colour, fun and interactivity that makes computer games satisfying, but it's like having a virtual coach.. To me, the FUN factor is what makes it stand out amongst other online self-help tools on the market. Interactive Life Coach is a one-of- kind motivational/ life planning/ success software that not only helps you to get total clarity on your dreams and goals, it also help you break them down into workable steps. love the colourful layout and the way you can upload images. The "Life-o-Meter" feature is a great motivator. It's a really clever and useful programme. It allows you to set goals, create vision boards, create a personal calendar and so many other things. It is WONDERFUL!
Lynn Serafinn, President, Spirit Authors / President, Author of 7 Graces of Marketing
I highly recommend using Interactive Life Coach to any entrepreneur, or aspiring entrepreneur to keep on track, on pace, and to feel supported along the journey.

I began to use Interactive Life Coach in January of 2011 when I also joined Allison's Pinnacle. I love the Interactive Life Coach! It is so much fun to log on and check of my mini-feats, log in new action items, and to have such a beautifully visual way to see my accomplishments and keep track of my goals. Interactive Life Coach makes an awesome business companion to the entrepreneur who has many different roles and tasks to juggle. It has been an excellent way to keep me focused on my big picture vision all along the way so I do not lose sight of what I am working toward.
Sherry Collier, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Business Coach,
CEO and Founder of Women Who Thrive
I am on my way to SUCCESS!

Interactive Life Coach has been very helpful to keeping me on track toward my goals. It's motivating and encouraging. I can stay organized and keep my eye on the big picture vision. I am on my way to SUCCESS!
Jenn Phillips, Around The World Cooking / President
Allison Maslan knows what it takes to succeed, and the Interactive Life Coach software is a beautifully designed tool to keep you inspired, focused, and on track.

It is so simple to use, and you can make use of the parts that serve you the most. I have received extraordinary value from specifying my Big Picture Vision and then breaking it down into smaller chunks so that I know that I am on track and working toward my goals. If you have important goals and a commitment to achieving them, don't waste another minute. Get started with the Interactive Life Coach today!
Tim Chaney, Success Coach, Author of "How Much Freedom Can You Stand?"
I'm a raving fan of this software and I highly recommend it if you want to create an extraordinary life and have an accurate road map to steer you there.

I am technology-challenged much of the time when it comes to computer programs. Allison Maslan's Interactive Life Coach Software is SUPER user friendly!! I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to learn as well as how easy it is to add data.
I love the way that it is laid out going from the BIG picture first (My "why" and vision) and then broken down into do-able, daily bite size pieces (the "how"). I'm a raving fan of this software and I highly recommend it if you want to create an extraordinary life and have an accurate road map to steer you there. Here's to creating the life you want.
Gina Ruby-Puterbaugh, Certified Health Coach, Take Shape For Life / Executive Director
It is incredibly well thought out, easy to use and truly a complete package.

I just wanted to send a short note to tell you how much I value your Interactive Life Coach Software. It is incredibly well thought out, easy to use and truly a complete package. The most fun I had with it was creating my Big Picture Vision. I didn't really take it too seriously at first but then as my life started moving in the direction I wanted based on my Big Picture Vision I started to take notice.I have now reached my goal in the career department and need to update my big picture to the next level.
Thanks for the time and effort you put into developing this software and the care you put into everything you do to help entrepreneurs like myself to succeed.
Wenndi Freer, Engage the Flow / President,
Specializing in meditation and stress relief for entrepreneurs
If you're looking to get your business and life organized, then this is the tool to help you get there!

The Interactive Life Coach software has not only helped me achieve my goals in an easy to understand and systematic way, it has changed the way I look at tackling my large tasks by breaking them down into small steps. This has allowed me to work towards achieving my large goals without getting overwhelmed. This helps to keep me motivated throughout the process without losing site of the big picture. I love how easy and intuitive the platform is and the calendar integration function is phenomenal.
Kevin Wunderly, Innovatus Consulting / CEO
I love how the Interactive Life Coach can open your eyes to see further then you can imagine and feel empowered.

The Interactive Life Coach is a great framework that has prevented me from feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating towards mylife goals. In fact, it has helped me shape and develop my business idea to truly feel like I am not settling or sacrificing. I love how the Interactive Life Coach can open your eyes to see further then you can imagine and feel empowered. I make sure my BPV is my wallpaper so days I feel sluggish I remember the destiny I am creating.
Michelle Padilla, PansPotsandFriends / President

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